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In 2018 Intrepid Engineers was awarded the temporary shoring design work for the foundation of WVU Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Intrepid took an innovative approach to provide a 3-sided hybrid shoring system which would support the $105.8 million construction project that ended in 2020. The shoring system consisted of a soldier beam and lagging wall above a rock bolt stabilized rock cut. Cantilevered steel soldier beams with 3” hardwood lagging supported the top 11 to 14 feet. The piles were cast into rock sockets of 6 to 8 feet in depth. Multiple rows of steel reinforcing bars were utilized to stabilize the rock cut face below the soldier beam and lagging wall to heights of approximately 15 feet. The WVU Women’s & Children’s Hospital is 360,000 sq. ft. and holds 155 beds for pediatric care with state of the art patient rooms for parental stays.